Design thinking & Human-centered design

Design-thinking and Human-centered design are very similar and I incorporate a mix of both in my work. Two key aspects of both approach are that you open yourself up to the people and places you are creating a product or service for. Each involves iterating on ideas as a group, and creating a prototype of the service or product you’re working on.

Check out IDEO’s short description of human-centered design below…

In both design-thinking and human-centered design projects designers are facilitators and builders. We ask driving questions and start conversations and synthesize the results into something shared and tangible.


I incorporate design thinking into my work by building outwards from customer and audience needs, scenarios and journeys. Starting with research and / or team knowledge means we can leave out the guess work.


While each project is different and requires some variation in approach, bringing project management, strategy and UX together in an integrated series of meetings sessions centered around design thinkings is a tested a true method for great work.

Check out a few collaboration methods below that I can help you apply to a challenge you may face in your products and services today.


MAPPING methods

Experience mapping, journey mapping, and empathy mapping compared.



Personas: What They Are And How They Work


Persona Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping helps us consider how other people are thinking and feeling.



Take any large list of ideas or notes and sort them into a smaller number of separate groups. Then name the groups to create an information structure and discover themes.