bold platform, quick site design

I worked in collaboration with our China office to design Ferrari's WeChat site in time for a Beijing racing event. We delivered an event site for Ferrari in just a few days; building a concept, flow and visual design from the few event images and a minimal copy provided to us.


Our site was a one-stop shop for all information for the event before during an after the racing day.

On the days before the event, users could preview race tracks and view featured biographical details about drivers, their cars, and past victories.

On the day of the event, users could track racers across multiple courses, monitor wins, and watch live streaming video of the event.

Following the event, racing content and biographies remained as a news and historical reference and material could be resurfaced as promotional material for the next annual event.

The delivery experience


Beyond the racing event our app was designed for, we also outlined other devices and experiences that could amplified through Ferarri’s WeChat presence. One of the key points of excitement for people who purchase a new Ferrari is the luxury experience of purchase and white-glove handling as the car is delivered. Many of today’s buyers in China are actually quite young and the target market were used WeChat daily! Our extended concepts charted an experience for new buyers who would receive custom content via WeChat as their car was built, shipped, and delivered to the new owner’s doorstep.


KEEPing up

Ferrari, like many brands, is answering to the call of users who anticipate all forms of services to flow through WeChat... everything from video content to personalized support for Ferrari owners who may need tips on how their vehicle works to roadside assistance. 

The next generation of businesses and services to take hold in China will need to anticipate not just web and mobile presence, but “platform presence” in order to reach users in their preferred mode.