I combine design-thinking and human-centered approaches to create informed, easy to use, and lovable solutions.

I am a mapper of needs and workflows, creator of prototypes, explorer of people, and researcher of the unknown. I’ve worked with teams around the world to understand and document what people want and need so that we can have a clear vision about what we’re building. I’ve worked with local and remote teams as designer and researcher, and I’ve stretched into other roles as needed. I believe that collaborative and cross-discipline approaches are a natural match for the innovative work that is necessary in the world and across all industries right now.

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Making design part of strategy means including design thinking at the inception of any product or feature.



Research can help you understand what people are looking for, but systems thinking in service, content, and visual design are a must in order to create experiences that help you and your customers reach the right destination.



Research can mean all the difference in the world if you are launching a new service or product, changing an existing product, or trying to reach a new target audience.

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