Parent Advocacy group



I’ve volunteered my design skills to support an amazing group that advocates for training and support services for the parents of children with mental disabilities. If parents access and make use of trainings and services it makes a huge impact in children’s performance in school and can help to keep them out of the juvenile justice system as well.

This group has conducted research that communicates the impact their advocacy and training can have. Designing an infographic poster with reusable assets will help them communicate the value of their work and give them splashy, informative images that help them stand out and provide strong visual assets as they take the results of their research to the press and post about it on social media. This poster also helps to celebrate some of the victories they are having! It’s been an honor to work with them so far: I love bringing research to life in this way and helping this group highlight a public health issue that needs to be addressed.

Learn more about the great work being done by the NJPC: