Here's a brief illustrated overview of how I work!

I'm a UX designer who's grown into an all-rounder!
— Planning deliverables
— Creating prototypes
— Planning and conducting research
— Creating diagrams that summarize what's learned
— Creating detailed UI specifications
— Defining processes for introducing new technology


I've conducted some of the most ambitious research on my team in terms of scope and scale.


I'm someone people come to if they need information summarized in an easy to read diagram.


If someone asks me a question and I don't know the answer, I try to find it! I like the "detective" aspect of my work.


I regularly think of ways to improve process and deliverables.


I like to learn and help others learn too, through books, articles, and sessions dedicated to exploring new material.


I fall in love with the wicked problems I encounter in my projects. In my free time, you'll catch me reading about the domains and technology I'm working with: I want to understand what's been done in the past, so I can understand how to improve on it.

I'm often the first person in the room to start drawing an example of what we're all talking about in order to nail down a mutual understanding and record good ideas.


I love working with a team, and I'm not afraid to praise my coworkers for their awesomeness!


I beleive design is enriched by a balanced life so I also:
— Make art
— Grow things
— Have a cat
— Travel often
— Cook and try new foods
— Spend time with my wonderful husband and sweet friends!