My role on this project: Visual Designer and Copywriter


Where to begin?
I recently made a zine about a capability I helped to introduce into one of our radiology tools. This capability is an algorithm is designed to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to simplify some of the document usage in radiologist's work.
Requests to build intelligence into these types of tools is something that's already gaining momentum. It’s also an interesting time because designer’s perspectives on these projects are not easy to find, and many people start from scratch.


I think this mode of communication is right for this moment in time: it's a painless format, you can read it on your lunch break, and it's written in language that is sophisticated enough to be accurate, but basic enough to ensure that you’re more focused on learning about the topic than the vocabulary. If you enjoy this zine, please reach out and share some learnings of your own!