Throughout my career I've worked in many different domains and countries. This has provided me with a great collection of methods and experiences to apply to the design problems I encounter in my work! I'm currently working as a researcher and designer in Pittsburgh, PA.

I enjoy: 
— Exploring ways AI can make things easier
— Designing for new technology
— Playing with code
— Learning about psychology and how the mind works
— Comic relief :)
— Mushroom hunting in the woods of PA

I'm best at: 
— Design Ideation and Iteration 
— Qualitative & Quantitative Research
— Gathering use cases and requirements
— Working closely with users
— Collaborative design process
— Workflows & customer journeys
— Project Planning

I can also help you with:
— Brand vision 
— Copy writing
— Marketing and analytics

I'm fascinated by

Botany and Scientific Illustrations

Gray markets

Travel and all the delicious food that goes with it